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The Modern Saxophonist Podcast hosted by Mark McArthur will bring you interviews of saxophonists making an impact on the world of music. We intend to add value to our listener by also providing educational and inspirational episodes recorded in a conversational style for all levels of enthusiasts. Performers, Composers, Teachers, Students, Recording Artists, and Enthusiasts will all be welcome to share their stories to provoke interesting and impactful conversations.
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Feb 8, 2017

Ever wonder what to talk about with your instrument repairman or what steps to take when something is a little off?  Steven Georges contacted Mark off the challenge to come on the show with this very show idea.  Mark of course was glad to take the suggestion and learned quite a few tips and tricks along the way! 

Sep 30, 2015

Mark and Eric had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Sal Lozano! From performing for shows like Dancing With the Stars and the Emmys to his Grammy Award winning work with the Big Phat Band and his own CD release, Sal talks about all of that and more. Don’t miss this interview with one of the greats!

Sep 24, 2015

Dave Camwell sits down with Mark and Eric for a candid interview covering topics such as the Oasis Quartet, Jazz and classical background, family life as a musician, and of course... hockey! Yes, that's right there is life outside music.  We also talk about Dave's recent blog post and his insights about being a studying musician.  Enjoy getting a chance to get to know this dedicated performer and educator in the saxophone community.  

Sep 20, 2015

Dr. Andrew Allen shares an encouragement for us to step into commissioning new literature.  Whether you commission a friend or write grants for well known composers, this episode will help you get started in creating new works for the saxophone community.  Love this quote Dr. Allen states in this episode "If it sounds good, it is good" -Duke Ellington

Sep 17, 2015

Dr. Andrew Allen from Midwestern State University shares his research about the saxophone ensemble.  From our founder Adolphe Sax to John Phillip Sousa, Sigurd Rascher, and the mordern ensembles today, the saxophone ensemble is a major part of promoting and demonstrating the saxophone.  Enjoy this journey through our instrument's history I believe is sure to inspire you to explore being in a large saxophone ensemble. 

Sep 10, 2015

Step into the void with Dr. Noah Getz in this guest spot with Mark and Eric.  We cover Noah's influences and work with Paul Cohen at Oberlin and Manhatten School of Music along with his studies at Florida State University with Dr. Patrick Meighan where he received his Doctorate.  Noah shares his devotion to his dissertation topic the Brant Concerto, and why we all need to take at adding the piece to our repertoire.  His book Stratoshpere is a must have for those wishing to explore having a confortable altissimo register.  A must have! Thanks to Noah Getz for coming on the show.   

Aug 28, 2015

Mark & Eric share some thoughts on making sure you're ready for the beginning of school.  This checklist has some simple things, but if you haven't thought of them they might help you save a lot of time later when performance counts.  Check out our facebook group The Modern Saxophonist Community where we will post a written version of the check list so you can follow along and keep for a reminder.  Also, remember to subscribe on iTunes and follow us on Twitter @themodernsax.  BAND DIRECTORS please share with your students as this is meant to be a solid encouragement for every saxophonists success.  

Aug 24, 2015
Dr. Rhonda Taylor Masterclass - 3 tips

Dr. Rhonda Taylor shares some wisdom on establishing a system for learning a new work in three short steps.  I. Do Your Homework II. Analyze III. Listen.   Host Mark McArthur also adds some insights in a conversation that may just end up saving you some time in your practice room.  Please remember to check out our website at and follow us on Twitter @themodernsax.    ENJOY!

Aug 17, 2015
Dr. Rhonda Taylor Interview

Mark McArthur interviews Dr. Rhonda Taylor, College Assistant Professor of Saxophone and Music Theory at New Mexico State University.  During this episode Mark and Rhonda cover their experience at University of Arizona, saxophone influences, Influential composers and a few interesting tangents all leading up to the purpose revealed in the next episode of the reease of Rhonda's new album Necropolis.