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The Modern Saxophonist Podcast hosted by Mark McArthur will bring you interviews of saxophonists making an impact on the world of music. We intend to add value to our listener by also providing educational and inspirational episodes recorded in a conversational style for all levels of enthusiasts. Performers, Composers, Teachers, Students, Recording Artists, and Enthusiasts will all be welcome to share their stories to provoke interesting and impactful conversations.
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Aug 30, 2015

Programming is such a vital part of being a performing musician.  Jon Wintringham brings his vast experience and enthusiasm for program construction into this important masterclass.  WARNING! The information here may just enhance your willingness to prepare a well thought out music program for your audience.  We hope you are encouraged by this episode.  Write us at to let us know how it impacts you. 

Aug 28, 2015

Mark & Eric share some thoughts on making sure you're ready for the beginning of school.  This checklist has some simple things, but if you haven't thought of them they might help you save a lot of time later when performance counts.  Check out our facebook group The Modern Saxophonist Community where we will post a written version of the check list so you can follow along and keep for a reminder.  Also, remember to subscribe on iTunes and follow us on Twitter @themodernsax.  BAND DIRECTORS please share with your students as this is meant to be a solid encouragement for every saxophonists success.  

Aug 26, 2015
Jonathan Wintringham Guest Spot Interview

Jonathan Wintringham joins Mark McArthur and Eric Bradley to talk about his recent travels to Japan and China for recitals and masterclasses.  Hear how Japan has influenced Jon though his studies and further concertizing while China is opening up their doors to learning saxophone with open arms.  We also discuss programming decisions and how his studies with Tim McAllister shaped him into the player he is today.   You can always find more episodes by subscibing on iTunes.  We will release his masterclass on recital programming on Monday 8/31

Aug 24, 2015
Dr. Rhonda Taylor Masterclass - 3 tips

Dr. Rhonda Taylor shares some wisdom on establishing a system for learning a new work in three short steps.  I. Do Your Homework II. Analyze III. Listen.   Host Mark McArthur also adds some insights in a conversation that may just end up saving you some time in your practice room.  Please remember to check out our website at and follow us on Twitter @themodernsax.    ENJOY!

Aug 19, 2015
Dr. Rhonda Taylor Part 2

Necropolis is the name of Dr. Rhonda Taylor's new CD.  Your host Mark McArthur interviews Rhonda about hte unique concept of the titles and process in which this CD came about.  When most think of improvised music they think jazz, but Dr. Taylor has some "haunting" information for the creation of the interesting sounds found on these tracks.  Rhonda will have a special teaching episode to be released next week.   

Aug 17, 2015
Dr. Rhonda Taylor Interview

Mark McArthur interviews Dr. Rhonda Taylor, College Assistant Professor of Saxophone and Music Theory at New Mexico State University.  During this episode Mark and Rhonda cover their experience at University of Arizona, saxophone influences, Influential composers and a few interesting tangents all leading up to the purpose revealed in the next episode of the reease of Rhonda's new album Necropolis.  

Aug 17, 2015

Brian Lambert and Connor O'Toole appear on the first guest spot for The Modern Saxophonist Podcast hosted by Mark McArthur and Eric Bradley.  We ask them about their experience at Las Vegas Academy, Preparing for College Auditions and what the future holds for both.  Both Brian and Connor have been students of Mark and we hope you enjoy hearing about their experience.  

Aug 15, 2015
Masterclass #1 - 3 I-t's

Our host Mark McArthur shares a core teaching value of the 3 I-T's.  In-Tune, In-Tone, and In-Time.  Eric Bradley, Connor O'Toole and Brian Lambert chime in to provide personal insight into these values that we are sure will become something to help you on your journey as a saxophonist.  For more information email or visit us at